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Colonoscopy and Colon Cancer Prevention

Just the word brings a chill to many. Last year 150,000 were diagnosed and 50,000 died.

A new patient diagnosed every three minutes and a death every ten minutes.

Does it matter who does your colonoscopy or where it is done? Amazingly, some doctors deliver ten-times the protection from colon cancer.

Carolina Colonoscopy Center specializes in only one thing: Preventing colon cancer.

By specializing and participating in numerous research innovations, The Carolina Colonoscopy Center has consistently been the thought leader.

Our progressive innovation has produced the best outcomes. We were the first to bring video endoscopy to the Midlands, We introduced routine anesthesia provided by certified anesthetists, We brought the Tandem Colonoscopy team approach which permits Far more thorough inspection of the colon surfaces, More pre-cancerous polyps are found and destroyed and eliminate the risk for cancer.

You have a choice.

The industry standard for quality is the Adenoma Detection rate (ADR). It is strongly recommended you not be referred to a group.

Only see a physician with an ADR above the minimum standard: 25. All 22 of our physicians have ADRs well above the standard.

Screening Colonoscopy is a benefit at no cost to all insured South Carolinians.

Add a year to your life expectancy by maintaining up-to-date screenings. Sadly, one-third of colon cancer victims develop cancer despite being screened.

The ADR is the best indicator of a doctor’s proficiency. Verify the ADR before scheduling.

No referral necessary.

A study from the USC Arnold School of Public Health revealed an 89% reduction in mortality.

If you have no insurance, there is a program that can often provide For a free colonoscopy for most uninsured patients.

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