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Victory: Truth, Failure & Solutions To The War On Cancer (Volume 1)

by MD PhD, Stephen C. Lloyd (Author), Pamela Courtney MA (Author)

Six iconic journeys of healthcare innovators illustrate the forces that stymie medical progress. The focus is on each leader's long and arduous road to redemption. Their stories are illustrative of the forces that facilitate impacts that could substantially improve the quality of many lives. This series can be a blueprint for the American people to "Drain the Swamp" in the healthcare space. The recent election reflects an undercurrent of discontent. Can the election presage an era of innovation as not seen since the American Revolution? We look at a world begging for just such opportunities to improve life. There is a palpable zeal in the cadence of the oppressed. The impacts from removing the albatross of provincial thinking that has long stymied our vaulted American creative genius are manifold. The $100 billion War on Cancer has been a dismal failure.

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Victory: Truth & Fiction To The War On Cancer (Volume 2)

by MD, PhD, Stephen C. Lloyd (Author), MA, Pamela Courtney (Author)

Continuing the Stations of the Cross, our six heroes' strengths are fictionally coordinated toward a common adversary, cancer. Just as Dr. Emil Freireich cured childhood leukemia, we follow his tenacity to defeat the number two cancer killer in America: colorectal cancer. But what if a colonoscopy technique was created that could save a majority of lives from colon cancer? Would it be a surprise to discover no one seems to care? Suppose half the colonoscopies currently performed are of dubious value? Our heroes are interwoven, creating a new idealized environment in Zimbabwe, where the hostilities between Town and Gown are eliminated. A new Zimbabwean government provides fertile opportunities to facilitate rather than disparage the disruptive innovator. To this story we create a sensual yet spiritual environment. With the backdrop of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins will our sixth hero finally receive the Victory eluding him in America?

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