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Patient Testimonials

Peace of Mind

We are all in fear of, or experienced in our life, the changing devastating affect that the word Cancer creates in our lives.

We know to eat fruit and vegetables, to drink eight glasses of water, instead of alcohol, to exercise and not to smoke, but still the big C prevails.

Carolina Colonoscopy Center located on Forest Drive Columbia South Carolina is run by a God fearing Dr. Stephen C Lloyd with support from Pamela Courtney and a dedicated medical staff.

The preparation starts two days ahead to modify your diet to promote the cleaning of your colon. The medicine and instructions are given to you when you make the appointment. From then on you will have a wonderful supportive staff, holding your hand and answering all questions.

Before the procedure Dr. Stephen will pray for the patient with their permission. For them it is a privilege to save lives and seeing miracles.

Colonoscopy is an invasive 20 minute, yet painless procedure with immediate results. If polyps are found during the procedure, a little specimen will be sent to a lab for a look see. After that you are done for 5 to 10 years depending upon the outcome of the lab results.

This is how Carolina Colonoscopy, Dr. Stephen and staff , gives a blessing to you and your loved ones while fighting one of the two deadliest cancers on earth.

God Bless them all,


Nobody LIKES to have a Colonoscopy!

Nobody LIKES to have a colonoscopy,  but you can’t help but like all the kind folks at the Carolina Colonoscopy Center!  Every one of the staff were caring and smiling and did their level best to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible.  I know I received a top quality colonoscopy from one of the finest facilities in the U.S.