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Physician Training Program

You can be a partner in preventing colon cancer.

Dr. Stephen Lloyd, MD, Ph.D began performing in-office colonoscopy with his partners in 1985. Carolina Colonoscopy Center (CCC) is the premier site for PCPs to train and perform screening colonoscopy. When colonoscopy was approved as a first line screening test in 2001, there was a tremendous demand for doctors performing sigmoidoscopy to extend their skills to the full test. Dr. Lloyd applied to DHEC for a Certificate of Need (CON) in 1992 and was awarded after appeal to the SC Supreme Court.

Dr. Lloyd has trained over 100 primary care physicians in the lifesaving skills of colonoscopy screening. By taking advantage of the benefits of video displays, the Tandem Coloscopy team is able to make colonoscopy far easier to perform. The benefits of the inner active technique employed were highlighted in a piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine (read article under publication tab) evaluating 25,000 consecutive colonoscopies. Whereas the published rate for colon cancer prevention is only 30%, the Tandem Colonoscopy delivered 83% reduction, more than twice the typical benefit. By specializing in colon cancer, CCC has developed numerous enhancements that have given patients the “best in class” results. We have proven that colorectal cancer, in in fact, the preventable cancer, the cancer no one should die from. All of the 100 PCPs trained have delivered consistent exemplary results due to the standardized methods. More than 90% of the PCPs trained have never experienced a complication.

All physicians on staff at CCC use the same technique while performing a colon cancer screening. This method ensures that each patient receives an examination of superior quality and safety. A CCC certified expert will be with the physician throughout the entire training process as the GI assistant to both, instruct and supervise the delivery of outstanding and safe procedures.

Once this technique has been mastered using our colonoscopy simulator, the physician is able to perform colonoscopies on his/her own patients under the supervision of a CCC expert. You are never outside your comfort zone. Carolina Colonoscopy Center ensures that patients receive a procedure with the highest level of cancer protection without ever leaving the comfort of their very own primary care physician.

Why join us?

  • Earn $400/hour (based on RVUs) and receive payment on the day you perform
  • Malpractice is covered
  • No overhead
  • Experts to mentor, monitor and assist you. Your patients will typically get more than
    double the cancer protection compared to referrals to a group of GIs.
  • Excellent training with sophisticated training simulator, and superior quality in a proven program
  • Receive up to 30 CME online credits by the completion of training

With your help we will be able to reach a greater percentage of the population in our continuing efforts to eradicate colon cancer.

Contact Dr. Lloyd at 803-254-8449 to schedule your first training session.